Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions:
  1. When you place an order for a veg bag, you commit for one month of deliveries, which is 4 or 5 vegetable bags depending on how many Thursdays are in that month.
  2. If you wish to leave the scheme, please give us 1 month's notice. 
  3. When leaving the scheme and your 1 month notice is complete, we will contact you about refunding any remaining balance and ask for your bank details so we can pay directly into your account.
  4. Your first payment must be credited to our bank account before you collect your first bag.
  5. If you miss your collection or can’t make it, ask someone else to help collect your bag or let us know you'll be late. We may be able to hold your bag until you can collect, but we cannot guarantee the freshness after Friday. It is best to collect your bag on the delivery day to get veggies at their best.
  6. Please wash all your veg well before using or storing.
  7. In the event that we are unable to supply the bag for whatever reason, we will inform customers by email as soon as we can.
  8. If your bag is not at the designated pickup point, or the wrong size is there for you, let us know by email or text as soon as possible. We will make up the difference or refund you.
  9. Should you have any issues with the service, please contact us and we will work with you to make every possible appropriate remedy.
  10. We may change the contents of the bag based on availability at short notice.
Terms & conditions for our reusable bags:
The reusable bag scheme was put forward to all customers in a survey in October 2017. Feedback from customers both on the switch to a reusable bag and the cost associated with the switch was positive. From the poll it was evident that customers would be happy to support a one-off contribution payment.  As a not for profit enterprise our surpluses are used to pay our staff a fair wage and our suppliers a fair price. By asking for a contribution towards reusable bags we can deliver a much-needed change in our packaging, stay true to our sustainability beliefs, and ensure that the same level of financial support flows to the farms we work with. 
We are a small organisation which supports the local community. Part of that community commitment is making smart choices around environmental issues. We are committed to making meaningful changes, though progress can sometimes be slower than we would like, whether that be for logistical or financial reasons. The switch to reusable bags has been a major priority for us, we are happy that it has come to fruition and hope that now that it is here our customers are happy to support the scheme. 
  1. The £5 contribution supports getting the bags into circulation. It is a one off charge which is matched by Local Greens. The ongoing cost of weekly collection, washing and sorting each bag type and size, damage, loss, repair and renewal will also be covered by Local Greens.
  2. The reuseable bags are not an opt in service. With change there are cost implications therefore the bags are compulsory. We do not want to raise the price of the vegetable and fruit bags as we want to be clear that the cost is not related to the vegetables and fruit but to the logistical change associated with providing an eco-friendly bag option. 
  3. On leaving the scheme, you can ask for the full amount to be reimbursed. This will happen on the condition that all bags have been returned. Alternatively, if you are happy to leave your contribution within the scheme, then you can ask for part of the £5 to be returned or skip the refund.
  4. We would never charge an account without permission, and as a such, we include a message on the registration page as well as publicly on this page explaining the £5 reuseable bag charge.
  5. Please return the bags every week when you go to collect your new bag. We operate the bags in a circular system, and always need bags incoming to be able to supply the next week's outgoing bags. Please leave your used bag at any collection point and we will retrieve it.
Terms and conditions for using this website:
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