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Quick pancetta and runner bean salad


Prep time5 minutes
Cooking time10 minutes
Total time15 minutes


A simple, but delicious summery salad.


400 g
runner beans (sliced diagonally sideways)
1 clv
200 g
pancetta / bacon
2 t
pesto (or you can make your own! )
rocket (a handful)


1. Heat a little Olive Oil in a frying Pan and add the Runner beans over a low heat, cooking until they begin to darken in colour.
2. Add the Garlic and stir through. Allow to cook a little longer being careful not to burn the Garlic.
3. Add the Pancetta and stir until cooked. Season well with Pepper then add salt to taste. Take off the Heat.
4. Stir the pesto through, add some shredded mozarella or some rocket leaves at this point.



Season to taste

Tip for making your own pesto: Handful of fresh basil, 30g pine nuts, sqeeze of lemon, generous tablespoon of parmesan, blitz in a food processor and season with enough olive oil to make it into a gloopy but not runny paste!