Spanish Braised Courgettes


Prep time: 
10 minutes
Cooking time: 
20 minutes


A simple and tasty tapas dish, ready in minutes


  • 4-6 medium-sized courgettes

  • Extra-virgin olive oil, for cooking

  • 2 garlic cloves, finely sliced

  • 2 tbsp white-wine vinegar

  • Leaves from 15g mint, torn

  • 1-2 dried chillis, crumbled


  1. Cut the courgettes into rounds about the thickness of a pound coin. Spread them out on a couple of tea towels and put them somewhere warm for about 40 minutes – outside in the sun is ideal. This just dries them out a little.

  2. Spread a double layer of kitchen paper out near your hob. Heat 3 tbsp of the oil in a large frying pan and cook the courgettes, in batches, over a medium heat, until golden on both sides. As you cook, add more oil and transfer the courgettes to the paper towels when they’re done.

  3. When all the courgettes are cooked, add the garlic to the pan (with a little more oil if needed) and sauté until pale gold. Be careful as garlic can suddenly go from pale gold to brown.

  4. Mix the vinegar with 2 tbsp of water. Layer the courgettes in a serving dish, seasoning as you go, adding torn mint, crumbled chilli, and oil and garlic from the pan. Spoon vinegar mixture over each layer (you don’t have to use all of it). When it’s all done, you should have used all the oil in the pan. Add a little more olive oil if you think the dish needs it and check the seasoning.

  5. Leave to sit for a couple of hours before serving – the ingredients really meld during this time. You can also cover the dish and keep it in the fridge – it’s fine for a couple of days – but let it come to room temperature before you serve it.


Photo Credit: Jonny Hughes @jonny2love
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