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Carrot Tzatski with sesame seed flatbreads


Prep time10 minutes
Cooking time10 minutes
Total time20 minutes


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250 g
Natural Yoghurt
Clove garlic ( unpeeled)
200 g
1 t
Salt flakes
1 t
1 t
cayenne pepper
lemon (Zest)
extra virgin olive oil (for drizzling )
crispy fennel-seed flatbread , to serve


  • 1 Begin this recipe 1 day ahead.
  • 2 Place the yoghurt in the centre of a clean J-cloth or square of muslin. Bring the corners together and tie securely with string, then place in a sieve with a bowl underneath to catch any liquid. Drain in the fridge overnight. The hung yoghurt is now ready to use.


  • 3 Preheat the oven to 180°C (fan-forced). Wrap the garlic clove in foil and roast for 10–15 minutes or until soft. Allow to cool, then remove the skin.


  • 4 Wash and peel the carrots, then finely grate. Season with the salt and set aside for 15 minutes, then place in the centre of a clean J-cloth or square of muslin and wring out any excess moisture.


  • 5 Measure out 75 g of the hung yoghurt and combine in a bowl with the carrot, garlic, honey, cayenne pepper (if using), lemon zest, lemon juice and extra yoghurt. Leftover hung yoghurt can be used to make other dips, such as the beetroot tzatziki.


  • 6 Transfer the tzatziki to a bowl and drizzle with a little olive oil. Serve with crispy flatbread.