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Elevated bell peppers and onions create the perfect base for fajitas. This easy recipe asks you to slice and sautee and then you can mix the veggies with whatever other fillings your fajita...Read more

A condiment from the island of Puerto Rico, sofrito is a sauce based on bell peppers, with a hint of sweet and spice. Sofrito is a beautiful flavorful base for many stews, soups, and beans and...Read more

These fresh collard greens are simmered away in a rich chicken broth infused with flavors from fresh onions, garlic, red pepper flakes, and that smokey, salty turkey legRead more

Stuffed Patty Pan "Sunburst" Summer SquashRead more

Give onions centerstage in these yummy tarts that will melt in your mouth. Use store-bought short crust pastry for an easy time saver.Read more

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