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Serve a big bowl of curried swede soup with cheese toasties for the ultimate comfort food dish. It's a great meal for the winter months.Read more

This recipe won 3rd prize in Local Greens' Redeem the Swede competition.Read more

A meal for a winter's weekend, with a delightful mixture of meat and veg.Read more

Grandma Twit Twoo's Carrot and Swede MashRead more

Mellow the swede of rutabaga by simmering with white wine, broth, sauteed shallots, and fresh thyme. Finish with Parmesan for a welcome hit of umami.Read more

Swede is so versatile - really!  Roast it like a potato - with a drizzle of honey and sprinkling of spice.Read more

Perfect with lime wedges, an herby yoghurt, raita or chutney. Delicious as a light lunch with salad, as a starter or a party nibble.Read more

A traditional Finnish dish that's great served with ham, fish, and / or greens (such as spring greens, spinach, kale and sprouts).Read more

This is a great way to use up bits of hearty vegetables. Feel free to mix in any winter or root veggies you have and experiment with the suggested veg listed here.Read more

Roasted swede with parmesanRead more

Kinpira is traditionally made with braised burdock root and carrot, but any other root vegetables, such as swede, celeriac or parsnips, will work too.Read more

Forget boring bangers and mash, this seasonal traybake with roasted red onions, apples and swede is much more colourful, and just as easy to prepare.Read more


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