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This combination works rather well because the hearty cabbage brings texture, the beans bring a lovely buttery flavour and the rosemary adds a slightly spicy, aromatic quality.Read more

This dish makes a lovely side to roast pork or chicken but equally it can be enjoyed as a meal itself, served with crusty bread to mop up the delicious juices.Read more

The ideal sides for your St. Patrick's Day festivitiesRead more

ColcannonRead more

The "perfect" recipe, according to The GuardianRead more

Throwing together store cupboard staples with pasta can make a surprisingly luxurious supperRead more

Savoy cabbage at its best, a great accompaniment to any meal - particularly the Christmas turkey or part of your Hogmanay mealRead more

Try this delcious pasta dish which incorporates savoy cabbage. It's easy to prepare and good to share with friends over the weekend.Read more

A sumptious fish dish that makes the most of seasonal veg, with a hint of the Caribbean. Dauphinoise or mashed potato make an excellent accompaniment.Read more

Buckwheat is an important staple in the northern parts of Lombardy, and the grain is often ground into flour for making pasta – known locally as pizzoccheri. Served with cubes of potato, wilted...Read more

These hearty cabbage wedges, roasted until golden brown and topped with a fragrant, buttery dressing with rosemary and walnuts, can be made well in advance and served to a crowd.Read more


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