red cabbage

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Angela Hartnett is considered something of a ‘national treasure’, thanks both to her exceptional talent and delightful personality. She first came onto the scene when she took over The Connaught...Read more

Inspiration taken from food lover and instagramer Larie Taylor.Read more

Braised Red CabbageRead more

Crunchy slaw with apple and golden beetrootRead more

Spiced rhubarb makes a vibrant relish beside tender sliced duck breast and glossy red cabbage.Read more

Grilled Tofu WrapsRead more

Pickled red cabbageRead more

The classic combo of braised red cabbage and smokey bacon with juicy apple is an absolute winner.Read more

Red Cabbage Braised with Vinegar and BaconRead more

Red Cabbage with Bacon and AppleRead more

A refreshingly crunchy way to enjoy red cabbage. This salad is delicious with the Boxing Day leftovers.Read more

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