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Thanksgiving pie baked by Alex, our Head of Marketing, enjoyed at our staff lunch today. This pie is made dairy-free (and therefore vegan) because she is allergic to milk!Read more

Beans with corn and pumpkinRead more

Gratin of pumpkin or squashRead more

A recipe by Joe Coulter of PEP Kitchen. This is a great way to use up any selection of root vegetables from your Local Greens bag. You can sub in or out pretty much and root veg you like.Read more

Pumpkin & Coconut CurryRead more

From our lovely customer, Ariana Markowitz, who has adapted this recipe from one by Nigel Slater.Read more

Zoe Marks (@nomadicgreenchef) shares her recipe for turning pumpkin into a tea time treat.

You can add different veg, such as grated carrots, chopped spinach and herbs. Instead of milk, you...Read more

Jean has been sampling a variety of delicious vegan dishes at home with her family. It was a real hit, let us know what you think.Read more

When you cut up your pumpkin to make purée for pumpkin pie, make sure you save the seeds! Pumpkin seeds can be toasted or roasted for tasty snacks. Just scrape the seeds out when you cut the...Read more

This is a great way to use up bits of hearty vegetables. Feel free to mix in any winter or root veggies you have and experiment with the suggested veg listed here.Read more

Jean has been working through her winter squash store and used a variety of different squashes to blend into this flavourful soup. Roasting the squash with herbs is the secret here.Read more

Squash makes a simple, healthy, and delicious vegetarian side dish. Most squash skin is edible so prep is quick and easy.Read more


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