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This popular Indian snack, with sweet, spicy and tangy flavours, is made with potatoesRead more

A quick Indian veggie dish.Read more

A recipe from Anna Jones that combines comfort of potatoes and cream with the tart rhubarb and earthy beetroot. A pleasantly surprising trio for a gratin.Read more

To create this recipe, we partnered with Healthy Living Platform, a Brixton organization that empowers local people to choose healthy and sustainable lifestyles by giving

...Read more

This week's staff lunch uses a pile of broken carrots, some potatoes with harvesting cut marks and a large squashed onion. It has a really comforting smell and flavour, and fills you up and keeps...Read more

The ideal sides for your St. Patrick's Day festivitiesRead more

This super easy winter soup is a must try, and will happily work with any robust, leafy green.Read more

The main winter root veg in this week's soup is parsnips. They go really well with other basic veg and thyme to make a chunky winter soup.

 Read more

Two great side dishes combined, this herby mashed potato with cauliflower and cheddar works perfectly with sausages, veal or chickenRead more

Celeriac and Potato BakeRead more

Bring celeriac and potato together in this warming and hearty dish that will round out any good supper.Read more

We had a couple of returned celeriac that needed using up, so this weeks soup is smooth and creamy.Read more


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