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Apple pie bars – cinnamon flavored bars with a buttery crust, apple slices, custard and streusel topping

When cooled the bars are cut to enjoy a soft, moist cinnamon

...Read more

Crunchy texture and sweet flavours make this an excellent cabbage side dish.Read more

Whip up this ham, ricotta, pear, rocket and couscous salad in just 15 minutes. Serving two, it's a lovely summer lunch or speedy balanced supperRead more

When it comes to pears it’s nigh-on impossible to buy them in their perfect state of ripeness and then, so often, not forget to keep an eye on the fruit bowl and discover that they’re soft and...Read more

Indulge in a dessert that elevates the British pear to a new level. Serve your tart with drizzled Gooseberry Gin Coulis and mascarpone or vanilla ice cream and enjoy it! ​Read more

Drink your fruit in this smoothie that makes for an excellent breakfast.Read more

A light, delicate salad that helps balance out the ragout. The sweet pear works particularly well with the bitterness of the chicory and walnuts.Read more

Make this dish as a quick-fire starter with close friends.Read more

A lovely addition to a cheese platterRead more

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