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Beer battered parsnipsRead more

With warm spiciness from nutmeg, a satisfyingly crunchy top, and beautiful flecks of parsnip and radicchio, this bundt cake makes a case for being served for either breakfast or dessert—and the...Read more

The main winter root veg in this week's soup is parsnips. They go really well with other basic veg and thyme to make a chunky winter soup.

 Read more

It's winter and root veggies are in ambundance. Let's use them wisely!Read more

Show your leftover roast veggies some love and use them to top a nourishing bowl of spiced tarka dhal. This makes an easy vegan dinner for fourRead more

Cheese and thyme crispy parsnipsRead more

All these roots make fantastic tempura and although they are fried, if you get your oil to 170 degrees Celsius and place on kitchen towels to absorb any excess oil, they aren’t too bad for you.Read more

Parsnip and Date StuffingRead more

A crispy alternative to potatoes that makes a sweet pairing for your breakfast eggsRead more

Parsnip soupRead more

Oranges add freshness to balance the richness of winter’s comfort food – in this instance roasted root vegetables – in this salad recipe.Read more

This is a great way to use up bits of hearty vegetables. Feel free to mix in any winter or root veggies you have and experiment with the suggested veg listed here.Read more


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