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We always have damaged onions left over after the pack on Wednesday, they either go in the compost or get passed onto Healthy Living Platform for their meals. This week its was time for our...Read more

These flavoursome baked onions make a versatile side for a roast dinnerRead more

This is a good use for all the bits of veg that fall to the bottom of your veg basket. The messy bit is preparing the beetroot, wear gloves and an apron, the resulting colour and flavour of the...Read more

This week's staff lunch uses a pile of broken carrots, some potatoes with harvesting cut marks and a large squashed onion. It has a really comforting smell and flavour, and fills you up and keeps...Read more

Go meat-free for dinner with this flavour-packed lasagne. The recipe makes six portions, so you can feed a crowd or batch it up for the freezerRead more

The main winter root veg in this week's soup is parsnips. They go really well with other basic veg and thyme to make a chunky winter soup.

 Read more

We had a couple of returned celeriac that needed using up, so this weeks soup is smooth and creamy.Read more

Brush sweet onions in a balsamic honey glaze, bake until tender and serve with dollops of creamy ricotta for an easy veggie sideRead more

Again this week the soup was made from left over and damaged veg. The left over mushrooms were a treat for the staff, the onions were frost damaged, but fine to cook with after removing a few...Read more

Delicious 1-pot stew with chickpeas and Moroccan inspired vegetables and spices. Naturally sweetened with dried apricots. Perfect for easy weeknight dinner!Read more

Elevated bell peppers and onions create the perfect base for fajitas. This easy recipe asks you to slice and sautee and then you can mix the veggies with whatever other fillings your fajita...Read more

The inspiration here is the fantastically rich dish called Zwiebelkuchen (onion cake), a southern German specialty that arrived in America with European settlers and quickly became a staple in...Read more


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