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This dish cooks fast and can use up any dark, leafy greens you have on had. Pair it with fish for an effortless, quick dinner. Read more

Crisp fried shallots are a terrific contrast to creamy greens, especially when they're stirred in and sprinkled on topRead more

This 'folded pizza' is an excellent way to pack some greens into a mealRead more

Inspired by Greek horta, this makes for a healthy breakfast topped with an egg, or a side dish.Read more

This green leaf and cheese pie is named after the Hunza people of Pakistan and was popularised by happy and healthy hippies during the '60s and '70s. Any leftovers can be reheated very well.Read more

Salsa verde is a green sauce made from herbs, capers, garlic, and olive oil. Great as a dip or with pasta, this version uses mustard leaves (any variety will do). It does not disppappoint.Read more

Sauteed Mustard GreensRead more

A recipe by Thomasina Miers that makes the most of leafy winter greens.

This pie uses the best of winter greens mixed together in a comforting presentation.Read more

Whatever greens you have around, put them in this soup. It will be yummy and ensure no veggie gets left behind.Read more

An easy way to feed a crowd, this punchy dish of winter greens with pine nuts, chilli and garlic is ready in just 20 minutes.Read more

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