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When spring greens are at their tender best, pair with leeks in this lasagne for lots of green goodness.Read more

Literally bursting with flavour, this leek, cauliflower and butterbean freekeh salad is so good. It's a delicious and healthy lunch or dinner that’s suitable for vegans.Read more

The balsamic vinegar adds sweet and sour notes to the savoury, oniony depth of the baby leeks. Serve these alongside a simple roast chicken or fishRead more

The main winter root veg in this week's soup is parsnips. They go really well with other basic veg and thyme to make a chunky winter soup.

 Read more

Every Thursday after packing the veg, we sit down to enjoy a team lunch. This week Jean has made a warming soup from Diana Henry's book 'Food from Plenty'. You can use any veggies you have on hand...Read more

Cream of turnip soupRead more

This is so simple to make and the thyme really creates a depth to the flavour.Read more

Haddock, leek and cress pieRead more

Komatsuna and Snow Pea Stir FryRead more

As usual, left over and damaged veg was used for this week's soup. It was vibrant and tasty.Read more

It's St David's Day, but its blowing a snow storm out there! To make us feel all warm and cosy we're sharing this delicious dish by Ree Drumond.Read more


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