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When spring greens are at their tender best, pair with leeks in this lasagne for lots of green goodness.Read more

The leaves and seeds of coriander bring a hint of citrus and a pleasant aroma to this vegan stew. The flavours improve over time, so it's a great one to make the day before eating.Read more

This super easy winter soup is a must try, and will happily work with any robust, leafy green.Read more


This dish cooks fast and can use up any dark, leafy greens you have on had. Pair it with fish for an effortless, quick dinner. Read more

The "perfect" recipe, according to The GuardianRead more

Crispy SeaweedRead more

This 'folded pizza' is an excellent way to pack some greens into a mealRead more

Inspired by Greek horta, this makes for a healthy breakfast topped with an egg, or a side dish.Read more

This green leaf and cheese pie is named after the Hunza people of Pakistan and was popularised by happy and healthy hippies during the '60s and '70s. Any leftovers can be reheated very well.Read more

Kale is so versatile-tuck into this delcicious dish on a stormy evening or snuggle up at the end of a long weekend.Read more

This tangy Caesar salad is topped with light, airy and supercrunchy pan-fried chickpeas.Read more

Kale CrispsRead more


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