green cabbage

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The ideal sides for your St. Patrick's Day festivitiesRead more

This 'folded pizza' is an excellent way to pack some greens into a mealRead more

This rich, warming dish – a sort of cabbage, onion and stale bread gratin – is inspired by a recipe from San Francisco's Zuni Cafe. It's a rare exception to the rule of cooking cabbage only...Read more

These hearty cabbage wedges, roasted until golden brown and topped with a fragrant, buttery dressing with rosemary and walnuts, can be made well in advance and served to a crowd.Read more

Slow cooking allows the natural sugars in the cabbage to caramelise which creates a deeper and sweeter flavour. It also causes the cabbage to release its own juices which will further intensify...Read more

A healthy, refreshing salad, and a light alternative to coleslaw.Read more

Give winter greens an unexpected preparation as a fresh winter salad.Read more

Whatever greens you have around, put them in this soup. It will be yummy and ensure no veggie gets left behind.Read more

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