golden beetroot

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Crunchy slaw with apple and golden beetrootRead more

This Asian-spiced stew eschews the normal purple stuff in favour of the golden yellow variety. You can, of course, make it with ordinary beetroots; the results will be just as delicious, if...Read more

Beetroot and pasta is a lovely combination, but for a change try this lovely summer pasta recipe using Golden Beetroot. This sunny coloured vegetable has a slightly milder flavour than the regular...Read more

All these roots make fantastic tempura and although they are fried, if you get your oil to 170 degrees Celsius and place on kitchen towels to absorb any excess oil, they aren’t too bad for you.Read more

Jean made a delcious golden beetroot soup to share with the team-it really is a deliciously sweet and a perfect departure from the usual soups. Top with feta and parsely. Serve with crusty bread...Read more

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