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Beetroot, celeraic and smoked mackerel salad.Read more

This hearty ragout is packed full of flavour: a perfect winter dish. The combination of blue cheese, bacon and celeriac is irresistible.Read more

For this dish, allow a minimum of one large fennel bulb per person.Read more

Bring celeriac and potato together in this warming and hearty dish that will round out any good supper.Read more

We had a couple of returned celeriac that needed using up, so this weeks soup is smooth and creamy.Read more

Crunchy texture and sweet flavours make this an excellent cabbage side dish.Read more

A recipe by Joe Coulter of PEP Kitchen. This is a great way to use up any selection of root vegetables from your Local Greens bag. You can sub in or out pretty much and root veg you like.Read more

When you have odds and ends of celeriac to use up, here are a few ideas to ensure it ends up in your tummy and not in the bin!Read more

Roasted celeriac stir-fryRead more

This is a great way to use up bits of hearty vegetables. Feel free to mix in any winter or root veggies you have and experiment with the suggested veg listed here.Read more

Kinpira is traditionally made with braised burdock root and carrot, but any other root vegetables, such as swede, celeriac or parsnips, will work too.Read more

Enjoy as a side dish this weekend.Read more


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