butternut squash

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A delicious, light meal that features all of autumn's greatest hits.Read more

A gorgeous layered pie, which is great to serve with potatoes on an autumnal day.Read more

Perfect for a lazy weekend breakfast or brunch.Read more

A creamy (and vegan) pasta sauce!

Read more

Every Thursday after packing the veg, we sit down to enjoy a team lunch. This week Jean has made a warming soup from Diana Henry's book 'Food from Plenty'. You can use any veggies you have on hand...Read more

This warm, autumn salad uses squash as a base to show off delicious, smokey vegetables.Read more

This Asian-spiced stew eschews the normal purple stuff in favour of the golden yellow variety. You can, of course, make it with ordinary beetroots; the results will be just as delicious, if...Read more

Gratin of pumpkin or squashRead more

Fish pie is usually topped with a puree of white potatoes, but swap white potatoes for orange squash or sweet potatoes, and it turns out that the mild brininess of the fish is fantastic with the...Read more

Ready for the winter this omelette is full to bursting with vitamins.Read more

Make lunch more exciting with this silky and deeply savoury miso and butternut soup. Delivering all of your five-a-day, it's also bursting with goodnessRead more

Wanting something new to do with butternut squash other than soup? Try this recipe from Yottam Ottolenghi. Can be eaten on its own, or with grilled lamb - delicious!Read more


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