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A traditional Italian dish for aubergineRead more

A gorgeous layered pie, which is great to serve with potatoes on an autumnal day.Read more

Perfect for a lazy weekend breakfast or brunch.Read more

This is a favourite of any Indo-Chinese food lover. Cauliflower manchurian, or gobhi manchurian as it is popularly known, is gobi florets deep fried in batter and then stir fired with capsicum and...Read more

Delicious 1-pot stew with chickpeas and Moroccan inspired vegetables and spices. Naturally sweetened with dried apricots. Perfect for easy weeknight dinner!Read more

Elevated bell peppers and onions create the perfect base for fajitas. This easy recipe asks you to slice and sautee and then you can mix the veggies with whatever other fillings your fajita...Read more

A crisp, crunchy salad made from fresh ingredients & flavoursome spiceRead more

This is so simple to make and the thyme really creates a depth to the flavour.Read more

This recipe is the creation of a Local Greens customer, Marie. The beetroot and carrots here are treated like cabbage is in sauerkraut and relies on fermentation. Fermenting is a bit like pickling...Read more

This simple stuffed peppers recipe looks almost too good to eat. Bursting with Mediterranean flavour, they're perfect for a healthy vegetarian supper or delicious lunch. 15 minutes preparation and...Read more

Full of flavour this ketchup sauce will be great on home-cooked burgers! Store in an airtight container in the fridge and you can even freeze it.

Read more

Oriental Pork with NoodlesRead more


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