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Angela Hartnett is considered something of a ‘national treasure’, thanks both to her exceptional talent and delightful personality. She first came onto the scene when she took over The Connaught...Read more

Count on a bushel's worth of crunchy flavor in this walnut and apple salad, made with an easy yogurt-mayo dressing.Read more

This cake was shared amongst the Local Greens team at break today to celebrate a birthday. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Cake is always better to share with friends.Read more

A crunchy demerara top, soft, puddingy insides and enough apple to be potentially good for you.Read more

Apples and kiwis give a sweet and tart balance to your favourite green leafy in this smoothie. Try it for a breakfast, snack or healthy sweet treat.Read more

Apple pie bars – cinnamon flavored bars with a buttery crust, apple slices, custard and streusel topping

When cooled the bars are cut to enjoy a soft, moist cinnamon

...Read more

A delicious, light meal that features all of autumn's greatest hits.Read more

Spiced beetroot and apple muffins with crunchy hazelnut topping. Make sure you grate the beetroot and apples coarsely and not finely as if grated finely they will release too much liquid which...Read more

Beetroot, celeraic and smoked mackerel salad.Read more

This dish makes a lovely side to roast pork or chicken but equally it can be enjoyed as a meal itself, served with crusty bread to mop up the delicious juices.Read more

Crunchy slaw with apple and golden beetrootRead more

A crisp and fresh slaw, perfect with porkRead more


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