Covid -19

Box scheme members

We have set up a Local Greens Community Facebook page. Here you can link up with other Local Greens customers to request or offer a collection or delivery of your bag. If this doesnt work for you we can still help. Please message us directly at . Please use the guidelines set forth by the health services and your best judgment before contacting us. We respectfully request that only customers truly effected and unable to normally collect bags to contact us so we can prioritise those who would otherwise go without. 

If you have any issues with your collection point or veg please email us on we are also available to help you on Thursdays and Fridays on 07808651665.


Collection points

 Due to governments restrictions the following collection points have closed. We have moved customers to the nearest open collection point, this is a temporary measure.

The Chandos collect from The Herne

Great North Wood collect from The Rosendale

The Queens Head collect from Blue Star House

Queens Cafe collect from Emma's (email for details)

The Railway collect from Thai Duck Deli

The Signal collect from The Plough

If this arrangement doesn't suit you you can either log into your account to change your collection point or email us on

These collection are open:

Arch - 12.30 to 6.00 pm Thursday, then from shed outside.

Alma – as usual but shed in new location

Bess’ Place – as usual

Blue Star House – as usual

The Cherry Tree – moved to Dulwich Constitutional Club, East Dulwich Grove

The Crooked Well – as usual, (2 sheds)

The Flock & Herd – as usual

The Florence – as usual

Fox on the Hill – as usual, (2 sheds)

The Great Exhibition – as usual, from shed outside

Harbour Cycles – as usual

The Herne – as usual(2 sheds)

The Hootannay (new shed)

The Plough – as usual

Rosendale allotments – as usual

Rosendale Pub – as usual

Station Hall – as usual

Thai Duck Deli – as usual

The White Horse – 12.30 to 3.00pm Thursday only, small shed on site.

Emma’s – as usual

The Odds - recently reopened



In order to prevent spread of the virus and to keep staff, collection points and customers safe we have taken the following measures:

All staff wash hands before the pack starts and wear gloves while packing. Staff know not to touch their faces or phones during the packing. All staff wash hands according to official public health guidelines before and after eating or any breaks.

All non packing staff are working from home. One senior member of staff is in the office on packing and delivery days.

Our working practices have changed to allow for social distancing while packing.

Delivery vans are cleaned on pick up and change of drivers. Staff have been trained in how to minimise the potential for virus transmission. Staff wear gloves and masks or visors when away from the premises on Local Greens business or doing deliveries.

Staff stay away from work and self isolate for the recommended 7 days if they show any symptoms and longer if they fall ill.

We are washing the reusable bags in rotation when they are returned to limit contamination.

How you can help.

We use public collection points so we ask you to be cautious. Bring your own hand sanitiser or sanitiser wipes to wipe your hands after collecting your bags. Wash your hands when you get home and after unpacking your fruit and veg. Wash all fruit and veg before use as usual.