Station Hall- above Herne Hill station

Station Hall, a unique and diverse community space, opens its doors from January 20th 2019 for an initial period of 3 months above Herne Hill Train Station.

You may have walked past Herne Hill station many times before, without noticing the windows above the ticket hall. But there they are! Station Hall is a hidden space - an unknown cavern sitting right above Herne Hill’s main station. Step inside and it's a bit like Narnia - the first word you'll whisper is 'wow' as a flaky old stairway and big industrial doors bang open to reveal a space flooded with sunlight.  Nobody wanted to rent it commercially - the lack of a lift put people off. But we won't let a little thing like external staircases deter us...come and collect your weekly veg bag from the Mezzanine level of the station Hall building. On signing up to our scheme you'll be given a code to unlock the box et voila tasty veg ready for you to enjoy!


Collection times are currently:

Thurs 1 - 4pm

Fri 9 - 4pm (with a view to the Station Hall staying open longer on Friday)

Station Hall, Herne Hill Station.
Station Hall
SE24 0JW Herne Hill