Christmas 2019 your questions answered

Dates to remember for Christmas 2019:

28 Nov – register suspensions to avoid being charged in advance for bags during December.

11 Dec – register suspensions or e-mail us to donate to the Foodbank if you do not want to receive the Bumper bag on 19th December.

18 Dec – email us to donate to Foodbank.

19 Dec/20 Dec - collect Bumper veg & fruit bags

End of business 20 Dec – report any issues



9/10 Jan – collect first veg & fruit bags for 2020!

I would like to buy a Christmas Gift Voucher

If you would like to buy a Christmas gift voucher, please email us by the close of business on 19th December, giving your name and the size of bag you would like to gift. We email you back to acknowledge your order, prepare the voucher and post it to your home address. If you would like it sent to a different address, please give details in your email.

I would like to suspend my bag as I am away over Christmas, what are my options?

Gift your bag to the Foodbank – email by midnight 11th December.

Register a suspension via your online account by midnight 11th December.

If you register this suspension by the end of November you won’t be charged, but if you register your suspension after this (provided it is before the cut-off on the 11th December), the money will stay in your account and will be taken off the next month’s charge.  


Will there be a bag on 26th December?

No, the last bag of 2019 is ready for collection on 19th December 2019.


Will I be charged for a bag on 26th December?

If you are receiving a bag on 19th then yes, you will automatically be charged for the 26th December as well, because on 19th you will receive vegetables and/or fruit to the value of two bags.


What happens if I need to suspend after 11th December?

You will still be charged so please ask a friend or family member to collect your bag so it is not wasted.  Alternatively, please contact us via and we can arrange for your bag to go to the foodbank.


I registered my suspension after the 28th of November, so I have already been charged for 19th December and 26th December?  What happens?

If you register a suspension on your account by the 11th December, the money will stay in your account and will be taken off the next month’s charge.


Why can’t I see the 26th as an option to suspend?

If you have suspended on the 19th December then the 26th is automatically applied, if you have not registered a suspension then you will charged for 19th December and 26th December 2019.

When can I collect my bag?

Usual times apply to most venues, however, we will let you know if there are any exceptions.


What colour is my bag?

There will be two bag options on 19th December

Small (if your order is usually for a gold or green bag) – please take a green bag

Standard (if your order is usually for a blue or red bag – please take a red bag

Fruit – take a brown bag as usual

Veggie++ - take a purple bag as usual

Important:  Bag will be quite heavy and includes an item made of glass.


What fruit and veg can we expect in the Bumper bag on the 19th?

Veg:  Carrots, Onions, Parsnips, Roasting Potatoes, Red Cabbage, Herbs etc …...

Fruit:  Variety of Apples & Pears (including some cooking apples)

Treats: Veg and fruit bags will also get an organic treat made by one of our suppliers


I am a fortnightly customer, what will happen to my collection during this time?

Local Greens will be contacting all fortnightly customers to see if you would like a bag on the 19th December.  If so, you will be charged for the value of 2 bags. If not, no charge to your account will be made for either the 19th or 26th.  We will also ask you to confirm when you would like to restart you veg bags in the New Year.


What happens if there is a problem with my Christmas delivery?

You can contact us up until closing time at your collection point on Friday 20th December via 07808651665 or and we will try to sort out any issues.


Will I be able to make any changes to my order between 20th December and 5 January?

You can make changes through your online account but we will not be monitoring emails during this time.


When do deliveries resume in the New Year?

Deliveries will resume on the 9th of January 2020.  Customers will NOT be charged for the 2nd of January.


Why can’t I see the 2nd of January as an option to suspend?

As above, deliveries will resume on the 9th of January 2020, so no customers will receive a bag on the 2nd of January.