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I have a passion for good food as a keen cook and organic food grower. Having been involved with the Slow Food movement for over 12 years and the first Chief Exec of Slow Food in the UK, I enjoy and promote food and drink which is sustainably produced. I believe the provenance of food is all important and we need to in London think about becoming more sustainable. Our food system currently relies too heavily on our ever-depleting supply of fossil fuels, both in terms of industrialised farming, processing and transport. We need to get closer to the sources of our food, eating seasonally, grow our own and support local organic farms.


Food growing has been part of my life since I was a child and my dad borrowed a derelict garden (with permission) because there were no allotments available, to grow veg, soft fruit and beautiful sweet-peas. I completed a permaculture design course over 15 years ago and became a co-founder of Growing Communities in Hackney. I’ve been the chair of their management committee and have worked for them as researcher and fundraiser.  I’m also the co-owner of an organic top-fruit orchard in Kent that the two families involved work on at weekends and holidays.  During the week I run environmental education and gardening groups in local schools and at the Centre for Wildlife Gardening in East Dulwich.  I’m a long time East Dulwich resident and I’m really keen to develop the Neighbourhood Farm so that small scale food growing can be linked to trading and Local Greens can create income-generating opportunities for both individuals and growing projects.

I shop at farmers markets as much as possible as I think it is important to buy direct from the producer, as I want to know more about the food I eat, where it comes from and how it was produced. This is what Local Greens is all about. To quote Wendell Berry the poet farmer ‘ Eating is an agricultural act’.

Having lived in East Dulwich for 13 years and being a Garden Organic Master Gardener my vision is to have a local farm where we can grow at least all our own salad crop. Lettuce pray for that day! (Sorry I couldn’t resist that)

Angus Farr

Angus is the company secretary of Local Greens. He is a finance professional, specialising in training and mediation. He is also active is other local groups including Th Herne Hill Forum and Herne Hill market.