Laura Hitch Instagram

How to Make a Plan, Stan

At Local Greens, we love hearing from and chatting with our customers and are always keen to see what you create from your weekly veg. One customer, Laura Hitch, has been capturing fantastic before and after stories on her Instagram for much of the year. Laura documents how each veg item factors into her weekly meals, and even mentions how she avoids waste by swapping or donating the odd item she doesn’t like. We were so impressed with Laura’s posting and planning that we asked her to have a chat and share her secrets with all of you.

Local Greens: How do you plan to use your veg bag this week? (or whenever you last had a plan!)
Laura Hitch: Picked up my bags today (week of Nov 16th), and here’s my current plan:
Kale, onions, potatoes – add bacon or chopped veggie sausage and make a hash.
Broccoli, carrots and onion – will go into a mac and cheese.
I’m going to have to figure out something better to cook with pears and apples before I end up making my 12th crumble of the year!

LG: Do you plan days ahead, or is it more spontaneous, bit of both?
LH: When the bags get announced on Wednesdays, I have a notification set up so I can take a look. Usually, I start thinking about it there and then, especially if there’re vegetables I’m not familiar with, or I already have stuff at home which needs using. I can also plan if I need to do extra shopping.

LG: Where do you find recipes or cooking inspiration?
LH: This year has been a steep learning curve. Until 2020, I had never cooked or eaten kale, beetroot or Delicata squash. I’d never even heard of Kohlrabi! If I am unfamiliar with the ingredients, I just Google it and see what sort of recipes come up, then I try to find ways they can be added to meals I’m familiar with. [LG note: we also have a trove of recipes on our website, where you can search by veg if you’re ever stuck for inspiration:]

LG: What veg do you most look forward to? What do you struggle to cook with?       
LH: I love anything that I can just throw in a tray and roast. Most recently I made a sausage, squash, onion and pepper bake. There were meant to be leftovers and well, there weren’t! I like the idea of kohlrabi and have attempted coleslaw twice, but it would be better if I could work out how to cook it.

LG: What’s the best dish or most surprising thing you’ve made?
LH: That sausage and squash bake... I think I peaked with that!

LG: What makes you such an engaged Local Greener?
LH: I discovered Local Greens because I wandered past as I saw a delivery arriving and suddenly the strange little shed in the pub garden made more sense. I like that I can support a small, local business, and my food hasn’t travelled more than I have this year! It’s teaching me about seasonal availability, and I’m eating things I’d never have known to look for previously. I like shouting about small businesses :)

LG: Do you have tips for others to cook through their veg bag?
LH: I try to do some of my shopping around my veg bag. I’ve also learnt that you can cook veggie sausages with practically anything! An air fryer has also been the best investment of my 30s. On the occasions where I receive things I absolutely won’t use (radishes, nope) I have started using OLIO to give away, or I like connecting with other veg bag users to engage in swaps!

For more veg cooking and sausage & squash bake aspirations, check out Laura on Instagram @hitchknits