UK food waste is equivalent to 1.3 million meals.

With Pumpkin waste still firmly in our minds it seemed timely for the ‘wasted food’ infographic by moneyguru to land in our inbox. We've included some key findings for the Local Green’s community to consider and hopefully act upon day-to-day. 

The global economy is producing more food than ever, yet an incredible 1/3 is being wasted. This is at a time when 7 million people are dying from malnutrition every year, and rich countries such as the UK have had to introduce food banks. This has a huge financial cost and an even greater implication for humans, animals and the planet itself.

The worlds economy is growing more edible produce at a great profit. Yet both in the UK and oversees we are wasting more food than ever. It’s time to remind ourselves how much food we’re wasting, and the cost of this on our pockets and population. Between 2016-17 a staggering:

·       £10 billion is thrown away by households each year, equivalent to 15m tonnes of food.

·       £470 per year wasted by the average UK household.

·       £ £60 per month wasted by families.

A survey from the charity WRAP found that 60% of people believe they never waste food. It’s tempting to blame waste on the food industry and major corporations, but research shows most of food waste is sadly attributed to households.

·       70% Household waste

·       17% manufacturing waste

·       9% Hospitality waste

·       2% retail waste

·       2% Farming waste

Given the UK is the 6th richest country in the world, we must all be dining heartedly, seeing that so much is getting thrown away. Sadly, this isn’t the case, and frightening numbers of people are struggling to get the food they need, despite massive surplus produced.

·       590k UK people used food banks in the 2016/17

·       8 million UK people struggle to afford food

Thanks to Georgia @moneyguruknows for sharing the ‘Wasted Food’ inforgraphic. With this in mind Local Greens will be partnering with a local food bank over the Christmas period. If you would like to gift your veg bag please contact outlining the date you would like to gift your veg bag on and we will include a note from you to the family which you are helping over Christmas.

Many thanks

Team Local Greens.