Here Comes the Sun

Our founder, Jean, is Instagram famous! Here she is striking a pose at the arch, captured by local Herne Hillian Jonny, as part of his Isolation Portraits collection. He's managed to capture some beautiful moments in these odd times.

As we gear up for a long, sunny weekend - when many of us probably expected to be on holiday or celebrating with family and friends - there may be moments to find beauty where you didn't expect it to be. It may be in a beautiful roast you now have the time to create from scratch, or in the perfect, lively colours that greet you when you open your veg bag for the first time. With all the stillness in the outside world, you can actually hear the birds chirp and sing to each other. There's also complete beauty and bliss in a scrumptious, chocolate Easter egg! We'll keep this week's note short and wish you all a lovely weekend, full of warmth and sunshine, in whatever way you are able to appreciate it right now.


  • Please keep returning your bags. Thank you to the superstars last week who returned up to 24 bags in one go! We definitely needed them, so please keep them coming back.
  • Thursdays at midday is the new deadline for any changes to your order. Changes are not immediate and apply for the next week. For example, any changes to collection point, bag size or pausing collection, made by midday 9th April will come into effect on Thursday 16th April. If you need help or there is an emergency, please email us.
  • Fruit bag customers will have received oranges and lemons from the EU last week. The UK's supply of produce is running out faster than usual due to the massive increase in demand. We will supply EU-grown organic fruit and veg from time to time, to cope with this demand. This is a response to an exceptional circumstance and we will always supply UK first when available. 

You're Welcome!

Many of our lovely customers have left messages or happy drawings on collection sheets, and we wanted to say thank you! You are very appreciated. We are so grateful to continue to serve you during this time.