You're the best

We're not going to lie - it's been a hectic week. But here we are. Another Thursday. Another round of veg deliveries. Let's get to it!

Down to Business

There's been much movement behind the scene this week to keep Local Greens running. Please make note of the following updates:

  • Please return your reusable bags. We need them to keep the veg going and ordering more in this climate will prove challenging.
  • Order deadline via the website has changed to Thursdays, midday instead of Mondays, 1am. This means if you're logging into your account to change bag types, collection points, suspensions etc., you must make them before this time for the following week's collection. If you need to make a change for April 2, please email and we'll do our best to accommodate. 
  • We've experienced an incredible increase in demand. To cope with this and ensure our supply, from next week, we’ll be ordering a limited amount of veg & fruit from the EU until UK supply can replace it.
  • All active customers have been contacted about collection points. If there are any issues collecting from new points, please request to join our Facebook Group. There are scores of customers willing to help you receive your veg.
  • Please check our social channels and website for updates as things continue to change. Handy links to follow us are at the top of this message.

You Are the BEST

No matter what the news headlines say or however unpredictable daily life keeps becoming, our customers have proven to be the best. Your tremendous and positive responses this week have given us joy. Your generosity sent over £300 in donations to the food bank last week. Over 140 of you have offered help in delivering bags to others. We're so happy to have you in our community.

For being so great, you deserve treats from the internet!

Please enjoy this list of tweet collections of people just like you, slowly going insane in their homes.

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Lastly, do you have TikTok? Neither do I, but all the kids are doing it these days. Luckily, this LOL video is also on Instagram so oldies like us can still have a laugh.