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We Need to Talk About Collection Points

A Word About Collection Points

Many of you may have read the brief update last week in our annual report about our partnership with collection points. Local Greens collaborates with 25 collection points across South London to provide our customers with convenient locations to drop off and pick up their bags. These range from local pubs and businesses to even a private home. 

Our collection points share in the philosophy of fostering the local community, offering welcoming, communal spaces and generally having a positive impact on their neighborhoods. The pubs, shops, cafes and gardens where you collect your bags partner with us at absolutely no cost to Local Greens. They give their space in the spirit of good will towards another local business, and of course with the hope that you will stay for a pint, a nibble or a treat while you're there.

We are disheartened to share that The Alma Pub will be dropping out as a collection point in the coming weeks because of several incidents. We are evaluating alternative locations in the same area for customers who collect from The Alma and will be reaching out to you separately when the switch is complete.

This week, we would like to request respect towards our local partners. The great majority of our customers always are respectful and need no reminder. We thank you for being friendly and considerate when accessing our sheds or drop off points. Local Greens survives on the cooperation of these local collection points and we cannot bring our veg to you without them. There are enough unpleasant things going on in the world, and collecting a bag of vegetables should be an enjoyable experience.

Local Greens contact information is posted on all of our collection sheds. If you have a problem, question or concern with your collection, please contact us as the pub and business staff are not trained in the details of your vegetable deliveries. They are workers of the local business, not representatives of Local Greens, and may do their best to answer a query when they can, but we are your go to veg experts. Our email, website and phone number are always in this weekly newsletter too, if you need to search for our contact details. We are here to help and provide a positive experience to customers and the wider local community.