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An Important Message about Vegetable Collections

To our customers:

The past week has brought much uncertainty and disruption to daily life, and we at Local Greens would like to offer you a small peace of mind in this turbulent period. While our supply chains remain stable and undisrupted, we believe it is vital to continue supplying fresh vegetables to our customers who plan and depend on it. This is especially important for those of you who may be ill or in isolation. 

We would like to offer any customers who are ill or in isolation because of COVID-19 a way to still receive their bags without risking their health. Please message us directly at if this is your situation. Please use the guidelines set forth by the health services and your best judgment before contacting us. We respectfully request that only customers truly effected and unable to normally collect bags to contact us so we can prioritise those who would otherwise go without. 

We have also received lovely messages from customers who would like to help those affected. If you are healthy and willing to help your neighbours by dropping off a bag at a front door, we'd love to hear from you too. We may consider matching up drop-off groups depending on the response. We do not advise any unnecessary interactions, but simply placing a bag of veg at a front gate, door or garden for a housebound person to collect later. Again, please use the guidelines set forth by the health services and your best judgment before contacting us.

On a similar note, we have received messages from local food banks and soup kitchens that their supplies are down. If you are considering suspending or pausing delivery, we encourage you to donate your bag to these essential community services so they are supported through the epidemic.

Your Local Greens team is small, but hard working and committed to the communities it serves. We are here to help you and add a ray of positivity in this unprecedented situation. Please let us know how we can help you maintain a small veg bag of normalcy in the coming weeks

Stay healthy,

The Local Greens Team