Welcome to a new decade

Welcome to a new decade! Are you tired yet of all the puns about having "clear vision" for 2020? Week one of the new decade is about to wrap up, and only nine short days ago many people set out goals, promises and changes for the new year. Have your resolutions taken hold or already fallen off the tracks? Do resolutions even work?! In the spirit of a new year and fresh starts, channel that positive energy into making commitments that will stick all year round, not just for a few weeks in January. 

If you're reading this newsletter or receive a Local Greens veg bag, healthy eating is likely already part of your lifestyle. If you'd like to make better health and lifestyle choices this year, try turning it up a notch. We've all heard that "5 a day" is a good goal for daily fruit and veg intake, however many guidelines suggest up to 10 a day to lower chances of heart disease, stroke and cancer. Aim for 7 portions a day to supercharge your daily intake and challenge yourself in the new year. A "portion" of fruit or veg is defined as 80 grams. This is roughly what could fit in the palm of one hand, but what does that translate to in real life? You could eat:

1 apple
1 pear
8 cauliflower florets
3 tablespoons of peas
2 spears of broccoli
1 large tomato
4 heaped tablespoons of cooked greens, such as kale, spinach, spring greens
3 heaped tablespoons of pulses or beans

There are approximately 34 portions of veg in a Local Greens small no potatoes bag, and 50 in a standard no potatoes bag! (Potatoes, unfortunately, do not count towards veg portions) That's a great supply for a couple serious about their veg consumption, while the Veggie++ size would satisfy a bigger family.

Is eating all those portions doable? Resolve to get creative with how you use vegetables. Sneak them into a beetroot-chocolate cake or courgette loaf, throw some leafy tops you'd otherwise discard into a smoothie or soup, mix up a big salad for the work week, make stock with the odds and ends, stock your freezer with pre-cut portions so there is always a quick option for dinner, use our weekly recipes to make the most of your bag delivery. Can't get through your entire bag before the next week? Your freezer is your best friend for saving anything you may not eat before it goes off. Just wash it, chop or prepare it, and label it in a container to easily identify when you are ready to use it.

New Years resolutions often attempt to bring sweeping change to your life, when small and gradual goals are the ones that can bring lasting change. Set a healthy lifestyle goal weekly or fortnightly and take it at your own pace. Stay positive and don't forget to eat that veg!

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