Your bag scheme needs YOU! (to keep the resusbale bag scheme alive)

Every now and then I put a call out for LG customers to return their reusable bags and without wanting to sound like white noise here’s why. Since March 2018 we wanted to put reusable bags into our business not only as a response to the wider conversation around plastic usage in the U.K. but to support changes in our business from a logistics point of view.

Keeping the reusable bag scheme ticking over. 
In March 2018 we moved our veg bags to 100% reusable bags. From the moment our reusable bags entered the Arch they became part of the LG family and as with any much loved family member we want them to last as long as possible!  Presuming bags are returned weekly there are a lot of elements involved in the weekly process such as collecting the bags from across our 23+ collection points, counting the bags into the Arch and sorting them by colour and size as well sorting the laundry bags for washing, drying and then returning to the Arch. The majority of this work is carried out on a voluntary basis.

However, if the bags don’t come back then we become a bit unstuck because this ends up adding additional logistics back into the delivery chain such as sourcing existing reusable bags from other collection points, increasing admin by chasing up customers or running an audit to establish which collection points aren't returning their bags.  If you can help us in anyway to reduce these efforts that would be great!  I've resorted to setting an alarm on my phone to remind me to pack my LG bag the night before collection day and it actually seems to be working!
Why we ask for a bag deposit
Putting aside that we are a not-for-profit we ask for a deposit because we want to have 6 bags in circulation per person therefore having a refundable payment of £5 allows for the reusable bags to enter circulation and it supports the fairly intensive labour process all the way along the chain.