A round up of Local Greens in 2018 and looking forward to the year ahead.

Thanks a million for supporting our local scheme!
Here are a few highlights from 2018, and a sneak peak of what’s in store during 2019.  Through your loyalty as customers we continue to support local farms supplying U.K. organic seasonal vegetables. Sharing our story and working with South East London businesses and community projects has helped more people understand what a sustainable food system means. In 2018 we trialled and introduced new planet friendly strategies, through strengthening our work with the local community, collaborating and partnering at local events, workshops and markets and changing how we supply our veg and working towards a circular economy.
Here are some of our highlights:

  • Was nominated for The Observer, Food Awards for Best Independent Retailer as part of The Better Food Traders partnership
  • Collaborated with Nina Foster and LEAP for a local children’s cooking course
  • Welcomed a new collection point in West Norwood
  • Shared our love of good food by collaborating with The Local Squeeze to deliver two surplus Soup events at Herne Hill Market, a Zero Waste Supper Club @The Brixton Pound Café and a veg juice stall at Lambeth Country Show
  • Filmed for a new YouTube channel TV series ‘Tipping Point’
  • Created a bespoke offers for customers as part of #OrganicSeptember, Christmas gift vouchers,  New Year Veganuary offer and our very own  Green Friday.
  • Supported local food banks by running a ‘gift your veg bag’ campaign for ‘summer holiday hunger’ and Christmas raising over 1000kg of vegetables.
  • Marketed ourselves to the local Vegan community by attending regular events at Brixton Vegan Market
  • Created a food exchange-via WhatsApp 
  • Featured in The New Statesman online and The Peckham Peculia
  • Continued to be a sustainable business; employing 8 local people on a part time basis; paying the London living wage; generating a surplus which is reinvested into our farmers, staff and local community; supplying over 40 tonnes of fruit and vegetables to over 400 weekly customers; and working for a better food system.

This year Local Greens will:

  • Launch and support LEAP events and Healthy Start Vouchers.
  • Use the station community space in Herne Hill to encourage a broader demographic to access veg bags
  • Provide surplus veg to other local social enterprises to offer low cost meal options for the community whilst supporting a broader zero-waste narrative.
  • Launch vegan veg bags which will include dry goods.
  • Sponsor a sustainable film series in the Spring
  • Share a series of offers and rewards for new and existing customers
  • Offer our services further into south east London
  • Become part of The Better Food Shed to support existing and new small farmers and producers, to secure our supply chain in uncertain times and to continue to provide our customers with high quality, organic, seasonal and local uk fruit and  vegetables.

Through linking up and sharing ideas we can work better on a local level so if you know of any local organisations who would like to work with a brand like ours please do get in contact as we’d love to hear your thoughts.