Longer brighter days and colourful veg

Jill has worked at Local Greens for 4 years. Her current position is packing manager. When she is not running the pack with military precision and knocking us into shape or forcing the volunteers into song she can be found at her allotment or massaging feet with aromatic oils at a local dementia care home.

"We finished the pre-pack yesterday and I managed to get to the allotment early, the spring sun was fantastic but still a nip in the air so thoughts were already going to leek risotto, not especially glamorous but with a good glug of white wine, a little chilli for zing and some of our wild garlic chopped in at the end a really satisfying and yummy supper.  Also looking forward to this weeks purple sprouting broccoli which I love cooking in a gratin with a cruchy savoury crumble topping and some roasted purple haze (or plain orange) carrots. Although we are in the 'hungry gap' now and fresh produce is sparse the wild garlic is a real treat and delicious even raw in salads or in a cheese sandwich on lovely sourdough bread - great to take to the allotment with a flask of leek and potato or celeriac and potato soup. I'm also really enjoying our stir-fry packs and will often top up a stir fry with carrots, curly kale and maybe some roasted tofu (marinate with oil, soya sauce and sage - delicious). After a bit of excessive chocolate consumption over Easter I'm also having salads of grated beetroot, carrot, finely shredded cabbage and wild garlic with balsamic vinegar and a good olive oil, adding a little grilled halloumi to finish, nice in a wrap or just good on it's own if feeling really virtuous!