Schools of Salad - Growing to Sell Talk

Catriona Andrews of Growing Rosendale gave a fabulous and informative talk about growing vegetables to sell this morning at Horniman Primary School. The talk was commissioned as part of Local Greens' South London School Salad project, where 8 schools in the area are growing mixed salad leaves to be harvested next week for the Local Greens veg bag. Over forty Year One children, aged 5 and 6 discussed all sorts of important issues such as what to grow, how to harvest, presentation of produce and pricing. They were delighted that as well as presenting information about fruit and vegetable growing, Catriona could also talk about her experience with lambing on her father-in-law's farm.

The School Salad project fits beautifully with the Year One topic focussing on shops, market stalls and money, and the children have been hard at work saving their lettuces and leaves from slugs, snails and other pests. Catriona asked "How do you get rid of aphids?" and one of the boys answered proudly "We kill them with our mini-weapons" whilst demonstrating with his lethal fingers! The children ended by asking Catriona that all important question for farmers, "What time do you get up in the morning?"