Harvesting Schools Salad

The six primary schools taking part in this year’s South London School Salad project had a bumper harvest today! 

Dog Kennel Hill, Horniman, Goodrich, Goose Green, St Johns and St Clements and Rosendale primary schools grew a massive 2.6 kilos of salad between them! Packed into 100g bags, that means that 26 lucky Local Greens customers will enjoy a delicious fresh salad mix grown by local school children.  About 150 children between the ages of 5 and 11 have been involved in growing salad leaves, including red and green oak leaf lettuce varieties, ruby chard, rocket, baby kale, Pak choi, Mizuna, mustard greens, and baby spinach.  Chive, rocket and marigold flowers (all edible) have been added to the mix.

Local Greens buy the salad from the school children, enabling them to generate an income from their gardening.   “I love doing this, picking salad” said one of the Horniman Year One’s.  Luckily they all agreed that they liked eating it too.  Rosie, their gardening teacher said “It’s a great project, the children learn about how many different things farmers have to be able to do.”

Dog Kennel Hill School deserve a special mention because their school vegetable garden is currently a building site!  Undeterred, the gardening group, ages 5-11, planted salad in recycled trays and Abdulhayy and Wilkie harvested over 400g of mixed lettuces and oriental greens.