Jerusalem artichoke souflee


Prep time30 minutes
Cooking time30 minutes
Total time1 hour


This recipe has been put forward on International Womens Day by our very own Local Green wonder women Jean. Enjoy!


60 g
butter (plus a bit extra for greasing )
1 T
fresh white breadcrumbs
375 g
Jerusalem artichokes
onion (peeled and quartered )
garlic cloves
Marigold boulion powder
50 g
Plain flour
125 mg
artichoke cooking water
125 mg
30 mg
red wine
bay leaf
organic free range eggs (seperated plus 1 extra egg white )
4 T
chopped parsely
4 T
Freshly grated Parmesan (plus some for dusting )
chili powder
salt and pepper



  1. Make a parchment paper collar 4 cm/2 inch high for the 1 liter/2 pint souflee dish
  2. Butter the inside of the dish and dist the inside of the dish alternating with parmesan and breadcrumbs
  3. Pre-heath the oven to 200 centigrade, gas mark 6, with a baking sheet inside.
  4. Place artichoke in a pan with the galric, onion, salt, boullion and cover with water.
  5. Put a lid on the pan and bring to boil, reduce heat slightly and cook until tender.
  6. Drain the vegetables but be sire to keep the water.
  7. Push the vegetables through a sieve to make a thick puree. Alternatively use a blender.You need to end up with 200g
  8. Whilst the artichokes are cooking melt butter in a small pan and add flour to make a roux and cook until thickened.
  9. Add the left over vegetable water stiring until the roux runs smooth, then add the milk, red wone and bay leaf.
  10. When thick and smooth add the artichoke puree
  11. Beat in the egg yolks, one at a time,add herbs, chilli, parmesans,salt and pepper.
  12. Finally fold in the whisked egg whites, in large cicruclar movements
  13. Pour the mixture into the prepared souflee dish.
  14. Place the paper collar around the rim to hold the rising souflee in place and sit on the hot baking sheet to better transmit heat.
  15. Cook for 30mins in a preheated oven.
  16. Do not peek.
  17. When the souflee is well risen open the oven door, but let it sit there for a couple of minutes.
  18. Serve with generous green salad and garlic croutons