Perfect Roast Potatoes


Prep time: 
30 minutes


Perfect Roast Potatoes


  • 900g floury potatoes, peeled and cut small
  • sunflower or groundnut oil
  • salt


  1. Par-boil the potatoes in gently boiling salted water for about 8 minutes. Stop cooking before they are cooked right through.
  2. Leave to cool completely on a tray covered with a tea towel. Then scratch roughly with a fork and season with a little fine salt.
  3. If making along side a roast and there is room around the joint and plenty of fat (at least 1/2 cm), then roast some potatoes in this roasting tray. If not, then preheat your oil in a separate pan, adding any roasting fat just before the potatoes goes in. Don't add the potatoes until the oil is sizzling hot. Baste, or turn the potatoes carefully as soon as they go in the pan to ensure they all have a light coating of oil from the start.
  4. Roast for the last 45 minutes of your joint's coooking time, turning at least once. If they look like they can use a bit more crisping, leave them in after the meat has come out to rest, and you can increase the heat a bit.
  5. Season again with salt and pepper before serving.


This recipe allows 225g of potatoes for each person. But this is not the kind of recipe that needs exact measurements, it is always better to have too many roasties rather than not enough! Our potatoes for the christmas bags are of the Arran Victory variety. They have a high dry matter which means they need to be simmered gently and not boiled vigorously. They have a fine texture which makes for excellant mash and they crisp beautifully making a mighty good roast.

Photo Credit: Jonny Hughes @jonny2love
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