Multigrain Pear Bircher Muesli


As finger-licking good as a jam doughnut but with fresh fruit, lots of grains, creamy yoghurt and the lush, velvety goodness of pear juice.


  • 60g rye flakes
  • 60g barley flakes
  • 60g jumbo rolled oats
  • 450ml pear juice
  • 140g fresh pear
  • 140g greek yogurt
  • 140g fresh blueberries


  1. Begin the day before you want to eat the muesli. Stir together the oats, barley and rye in a large bowl and pour over the pear juice. Stir well to mix in. Cover the bowl and leave to soak overnight in the fridge.
  2. At breakfast time, grate the pears and stir into the soaked grains, then crush half the blueberries and spoon into four bowls, swirl through the yoghurt and top with the remaining blueberries.


Photo Credit: Jonny Hughes @jonny2love
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