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This Polish recipe for 'zupa szczawiowa' can be made in many different ways. This is just one variation. Fresh parsley adds extra flavor, potatoes give the soup some heft, and sour cream adds...Read more

Potato and Roasted Red Pepper SoupRead more

Split drived fava beans make a delicious alternative to chickpeas as the basis for hummus, and they don't even need soaking. This fava bean hummus can be cooked from scratch in well under an hour...Read more

It’s quite unlike your typical spaghetti dish, but this has a lovely rich tomato sauce and you get a satisfying crunch from the walnuts. Ground cauliflower also makes a fun substitute for the...Read more

The classic combo of braised red cabbage and smokey bacon with juicy apple is an absolute winner.Read more

A refreshingly crunchy way to enjoy red cabbage. This salad is delicious with the Boxing Day leftovers.Read more

Roasted celeriac with lentils and fetaRead more

Try this Spanish sauce, made with roasted red peppers and almonds, as a dip for chargrilled vegetables.Read more

Scotch BrothRead more

Try your veg in a different form-drink it in the sun!Read more

A cold weather classic with a lighter twist. Keeps well for serving a family or for multiple meals.Read more

Sicilian ArtichokesRead more


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