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Leek and Cheese CroquettesRead more

Leek and Gruyere PieRead more

The secret of this recipe lies in cooking the leeks long and slow, so that they become sweetly caramelised. The rest takes no time at all and you can exercise your imagination adding extra...Read more

A classic, warm soup for those cold, cloudy days.Read more

This vegetarian take on the classic pasta dish is every bit as comforting as the original. An ideal start to the week.Read more

A simple leek quicheRead more

Leek, Potato and Gruyere PieRead more

The creamy taleggio and leeks cook down together to form a delicious, gooey filling, and the thyme adds a fresh note.Read more

A delicious twist on the classic comfort of cheese on toast, this makes a generous portion for 1 hungry person.

Read more

A warming bowl of minestrone is always a cheery sight on a cold night. This soup is an excellent way to use up any vegetables you have about. It's a classic version of the Italian soup by Antonio...Read more

This dish is brilliant for feeding a crowd, served with a green salad or pork chops.Read more

A hearty soup of leftover vegetables and Hodmedod's organic naked barleyRead more


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