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It’s quite unlike your typical spaghetti dish, but this has a lovely rich tomato sauce and you get a satisfying crunch from the walnuts. Ground cauliflower also makes a fun substitute for the...Read more

A simple and tasty tapas dish, ready in minutes

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Spiralising is becoming more and more trendy, so try this new take on spiralised courgette in a beautiful vegetarian tart. It's low-calorie, low fat and 5:2 diet friendly for a healthy,...Read more

Though a little fiddly, stuffing courgette flowers with ricotta cream filling and serving with tomato dressing looks dazzlingRead more

A one-pot stew of Mediterranean flavours that features peppers, courgettes, lentils, sweet smoked paprika and thymeRead more

This is a vegetarian version of a popular spicy Indian dish usually made with lamb, lentils and veg. Eat with a bowl of rice or naan bread. Read more

An easy recipe for dinner or lunchRead more


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