Knowing more about The Hungry gap will help you understand your bag.

Hurray! As April came into view last weekend in London Town, we enjoyed blistering blue skies and dare I say it some sunshine. But before I could get my winter woollens packed away there it was again the all too familiar face of moody clouds with a splash of rain.  Why start with a weather report? It’s simple really as suppliers of U.K seasonal, organic fruit and veg we need to be clear and keep people’s expectations of what is in season and when throughout the year. 

Naturally, because of access to 24hour food outlets, supermarkets, restaurants, deli’s and lovely local eateries all importing a huge variety of fruit and veg from  countries such as Egypt, Morocco and Spain expectations about what is in fact in season this in spring can become unrealistic. However, the reality for British farmers is that April is a tough month to work through as last year’s winter crop of potatoes, swede, parsnips, carrots and onions are run down to its last and the 2019 spring veggies have only just been introduced to soil, meaning the next time we’ll see that haul is in May and June when they are ready for Harvest.

This why April through to May is known as the ‘hungry gap’. However, due to importation of exotic fruits and vegetables this time of year goes relatively unnoticed to the majority of the U.K. but here at Local Green’s it is all about keeping food miles low and supporting local farmers with a fair wage all year around. Not only do we buy our veg from local farms which are no further that 150 miles away, but we also operate on a model which puts you the customers and community business at the heart of keeping emissions low.

We believe a sustainable lifestyle is made up of low food miles, eating organically and seasonally as well as keeping in contact with other businesses to encourage cohesion and community action around sustainable issues. We do this by offering collection points throughout SE London which share our ethos, cook seasonally and offer events to inspire and engage others to learn more about environmental, health and agricultural issue within the U.K today.

Get an idea of what is in season during Spring in the U.K:

  • Purple sprouting broccoli (January – April)
  • Beetroot, Swede, Parsnips, Artichokes and Turnips (January to April)
  • Sprouts (December-Feb)
  • Squash (October-March)
  • Wild garlic (February – April)
  • Rhubarb (January – July)
  • Spring greens (March – June)
  • Asparagus (late April – June)
  • New potatoes (March – July)
  • Cauliflowers (almost year-round)
  • Radishes (April – September)
  • Lettuce and leaves (March – December)