The Orchard Project on Local Greens and partnership in action!

Thanks to Rosa Fletcher from The Orchard Project for contributing this post to our blog series.

It's coming up to a year now that The Orchard Project have been sharing part of Arch 1169 with Local Greens. We use it as a base for our Local Fox Cider and London Apple Juice enterprise, which we set up last year as part of our wider Heritage Lottery Funded, A Celebration of Orchards Project

With the help of volunteer orchardists we harvested, collected and pressed two tonnes of dessert and culinary apples from community orchards and gardens across London. Our drinks are made from 100% apple juice and are likely to taste different every year depending on the varieties of apples donated and the seasons, creating a true taste of the city.  
We share 50% of the juice we make back with those who have shared their fruit with us, meaning you get back a bottled delicious drink for your apples for only a small bottling charge. 
All proceeds are used to help us and our volunteers continue to maintain and rejuvenate London's forgotten orchards, and to train communities in orchard skills. 

We've not only shared part of Arch 1169 with Local Greens, but they've introduced us to supportive businesses and welcomed us into the Herne Hill community which has been fantastic. You can now find our cider for sale locally at Canopy Beer Co and Wild + Lees, and have more stockists on the horizon.  

Our enterprises fit well together, as we both make use of the space on different days. When we do cross over it’s great to hear how each other is doing and see if there are ways to work together. We recently ran a stall together at Lambeth Country Show giving away samples of our juice and cider as well as delicious creations from Local Greens weekly box to entice passers by and start conversations. It's great to feel that small enterprises are working to support each other and long may it continue! 

This year we are aiming to collect nine tonnes of apples from across London, so if you or your neighbour have an apple tree or two that you want to share in return for apple juice and cider, then you know where to bring them. For more information about when to bring them, click here.